Ratings & interactive map examples of corporations, banks, markets and countries

Rapidly rising complexity is the biggest threat to a sustainable economy. Excessive complexity is in fact a formidable source of fragility and exposure. In order to counter its negative effects, it must be managed, hence it must be measured. Ontonix is the first company to offer Quantitative Complexity Management solutions, allowing us to establish radically innovative and unusual approaches to:

  • Advanced Uncertainty Management – a totally new look at risk
  • Strategic Economic and Business Intelligence
  • Resilience Rating of corporations, financial products, portfolios

Our solutions go beyond conventional pre-crisis BI technology and Analytics and are applicable to:

  • Corporations, banks
  • Stocks, portfolios
  • ICT systems
  • Ecosystems of corporations, systems of systems

Based on operational or financial data we identify 

the so-called intrinsic Key Performance Indicators of your business and pinpoint those that are critical to its resilience,  governability and exposure.

The bottom line. What you get is:

  • An advanced "CAT scan" of your business: totally new information
  • Identification of critical business areas
  • Guidelines how to make your business more robust
  • Early-warnings of increased exposure – time

Quantitative Complexity Management is a new way to run a business, in which risk management and strategy are integrated. Want to plug our BI engine into your ERP, DB or Data Warehouse? To find out more contact us. 

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