Ontonix launches OntoBench™, a holistic complexity-based system for the comparison of the performance of corporations, branches, processes or portfolios. “OntoBench™ goes beyond conventional benchmarking procedures whereby the principal business KPIs are compared. Our approach is to take into account also the structure of the interactions of these KPIs”, said Dr. J. Marczyk, the Founder and CTO of Ontonix. “Improving business processes by reducing their complexity, making them more profitable and resilient, involves structural changes and this is precisely why OntoBench™ focuses on the structure of a business not merely on its performance” he added.

OntoBench™ provides not only a measure of the difference between the two businesses or processes being compared, it also delivers a quantitative breakdown of the said difference into components, thereby delivering clear and actionable information.

The OntoBench™ Data Sheet may be consulted here