OntoDyn™is a specific product for customer-retention analysis at banks. It processes large batches of customers and measures their stability, signalling those that may be at risk of being lost. The driving idea behind OntoDyn™ is to provide an early-warning system on a weekly/monthly basis.

The kind of analysis that OntoDyn™ performs is unique in that it measures the stability of each client over a given period of time. Clients with a low value of stability are indicated as those at risk of being lost. In times of great turbulence, stability of a business is key towards its survival. Therefore, OntoDyn™ is also a formidable tool for performing advanced credit-risk analysis.

OntoDyn™ analyses data originating from client-bank interactions. Similar data is objective, reliable and usually is very abundant. Given that this data is collected on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it is possible to provide early-warnings with the same frequency. When things happen at internet speeds, fast decisions are essential.

Download the OntoDyn™ Data Sheet here