OntoNet™ offers an innovative on-line self-rating capability, which allows one to perform a real-time check of the structural resilience of a business or corporation. The on-line service generates intuitive Complexity & Risk Maps™ which pinpoint the sources of complexity and fragility within a business process.

The solution breaks new grounds and allows corporations to go beyond conventional risk rating. With the Internet as the backbone of this global service, our goal is to deliver complexity management to every corner of the economy, helping our customers cope better with our turbulent times.

OntoNet™ powers our self-rating service and is available exclusively in on-line mode.

OntoNet™ processes MS-Excel files and produces a comprehensive report containing the following information:

  • Current and critical complexity of a business
  • Complexity rating and business robustness measure
  • Complexity and Risk Map
  • Variable ranking
  • Basic system analysis

An example of the report is available here.