On-line Self-Rating Service


Como, February 3rd, 2011. Ontonix inaugurates a new on-demand Self-Rating system which allows corporations to perform fast and objective diagnosis of the state of health of their respective businesses. "The system provides a unique means of helping corporations to discover hidden fragilities which may prove fatal in a turbulent economy and in which extreme events will abound in the future with increasing frequency" said Dr. J. Marczyk, the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Ontonix. "Self-rating is a quantum leap with respect to the first on-line service which we have launched in early 2007" he added.

The Self-Rating service delivers superior business intelligence and produces information which conventional Risk Management/Rating techniques are unable to provide. Self-rating is based on a brand new technology which adopts the very latest findings in mathematics and complexity science. It allows one to diagnose the health of a company by processing monthly or quarterly data which reflects its business performance (e.g. production volume, orders, number of transactions, number of clients, number of employees, information of financial nature, etc.).

"This is data which every company has and to which the service adds tremendous value" said Marczyk. "The bottom line is that with Self-Rating companies get early-warnings, which are vital in a regime of uncertainty and turbulence", he added.

The service delivers two fundamental results:

  • A standard two-page rating report. The report provides a one to five-star rating which measures the stability of a business.
  • A Business Structure Map. This is a dynamic representation of a business in the form of an interactive graph which allows the users to better understand its structure.


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