OntoSpace™is our flagship product. Introduced in 2005, it is the World’s first system which enables one to measure the complexity of a business process and to relate this measure to its exposure or vulnerability. OntoSpace™ is an unusual tool – it does not resort to any conventional mathematics, such as statistics, neural nets, autonomous agents or cluster analysis. In fact, our approach is model-free. Models always add uncertainty to a given problem. Every model requires assumptions and these may not always hold. With OntoSpace™ this issue no longer exists because we don’t use models to analyse data.

OntoSpace™ works with MS-Excel spreadsheets transforming them into intuitive Complexity & Risk Maps which are crucial towards the understanding of how dynamical systems function. In fact, such maps indicate:

  • Where complexity is hidden and how it can become a liability
  • The hubs, or critical variables
  • The robustness of the system and distance-to-collapse
  • The most likely points of failure

With OntoSpace™ it is possible to actually measure the vulnerability and rate a

  • Corporation
  • Project
  • Asset/client portfolio
  • Market
  • Socio-political system
  • Generic process or system


Download the OntoSpace™ Data Sheet here.

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