Oensys, US-based engineering-focused Ontonix spin-off, announces the launch of OntoTest™,  a revolutionary  complexity-based system for measuring the credibility of computer models and for performing advanced model validation. "The uniqueness of OntoTest resides in the fact that it actually measures how much physics a computer model misses when compared to reality" said Dr. J. Marczyk, the CTO and founder of Ontonix. "One thing is to match numbers, another is to quantify the degree of credibility of a computer model based on the amount of physics it embraces" he added.

OntoTest allows user to verify the so called weak and strong conditions of model validity and to pinpoint any sources of discrepancy. When treating time-domain phenomena, one single computer run is sufficient to quantify the degree of trust of a numerical model, with no need to perform costly Monte Carlo Simulations.

Data Sheet may be consulted here.