Complexity Rating Services



Complexity technology sets new standards in rating, beyond conventional practices which are not applicable in a turbulent world. We can rate a single corporation, a corporation with its ecosystem, systems of corporations or banks. This is paramount towards understanding better how to cope with systemic risks.

Our complexity rating service offering is articulated along the following lines (download flyer):

  • On-line self-rating. An entry-level solution to complexity rating of a business. The mechanism is simple: you download a free MS-Excel template, you fill it in and you upload it for processing. The process is fully automatic and very fast. Try it for FREE here.

  • Rating Subscription Service. A specific complexity rating model for publicly traded companies. Once you subscribe to the service we use the quarterly financial statements which are published on your corporate website and we process them, providing you with a dynamic quarterly diagnosis of the resilience and stability of your business. We also provide pre-crisis early-warnings in case increased exposure emerges from the analysis. See example of our quarterly report.

  • Holistic rating of a corporation together with its ecosystem, or systems of corporations. We work together with our client to establish an ecosystem in which the client’s corporation operates, including its suppliers,  banks, main competitors, specific market segment indicators, national and international macro-economic indicators. We then analyse and rate the whole ecosystem, providing measures of its resilience, stability and crisis anticipation information whenever applicable. If you want to see the big picture, holistic rating provides a unique and revolutionary approach.

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