Warren Buffett’s worried.

Postage stamps of Weimar Germany, hyperinflati...

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How do we know? Because he’s been reading a cult book on monetary disintegration from the seventies – and telling everyone else to read it too. The book went straight to number one in the business books chart the minute it was re-released.

It’s called ‘When Money Dies.’  It was written by a Brit, Adam Fergusson (former Conservative MEP and adviser to Geoffrey Howe) and is about the economic crisis and money-printing in 1920s Germany. During the seventies people feared money printing as a way of tackling the economic crisis, and were horribly fascinated by what had happened in Weimar Germany – coincidentally a regime that Noam Chomsky recently referred to (see link below).

Today it’s the same story and that’s why the book’s top of the pops again. Read more of this post