What is it “they” say about learning from history?:: Neil Kinnock (1983)

Of course, in 1983, Neil Kinnock was warning of the perils, if Margaret Thatcher were elected. He was right then but little did any of us know how prophetic these words were now we are dealing with the legacy of the culture “sewn” 30 years ago.

I warn you that you will have pain–when healing and relief depend upon payment.

I warn you that you will have ignorance–when talents are untended and wits are wasted, when learning is a privilege and not a right.

I warn you that you will have poverty–when pensions slip and benefits are whittled away by a government that won’t pay in an economy that can’t pay.

I warn you that you will be cold–when fuel charges are used as a tax system that the rich don’t notice and the poor can’t afford.

I warn you that you must not expect work–when many cannot spend, more will not be able to earn. When they don’t earn, they don’t spend. When they don’t spend, work dies.