Economic madness:: way to go Sir David Attenborough!

‎"Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a physically finite planet is either mad, or an economist."

-David Attenborough, 2011 speech to the RSA

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Edge:: Reinventing Society In The Wake Of Big Data is one of, if not, THE go-to place for insights from great modern thinkers across a range of subjects. Multi-disciplinary is now, increasingly, the way of things in Academia and in business too. Generalists appear to be in the ascendancy as the limitations of the narrow views of, past, over-specialisation and benefits of recognising the universalities of [non-linear] complex systems have become more apparent through examination using the tools that technological innovation have given us.

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Dilbert “does” Big Data

The thing about Scott Adams is that his finger is often more on the pulse than so many C level Exec’s and sheep with MBA’s! Somebody tell them, “size isn’t everything” and, if all you have are the same old tricks, don’t expect different results.

In the words of those well known business gurus, The Fun Boy Three & Bananarama…“it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it, that’s what gets results”.

Hail Dilbert!!!

Complexity and Operational Risk

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An interesting thing about complex systems is how easily "stories" from one domain can be understood and applied, to good effect, in others! "Thinking in systems" may be the first step in process from exaptation to adaptation…and survival.

Prevention will always be better (and more cost effective!) than cure. Hence Ontonix have a specific product: OntoTest

The reason bars place bouncers at the door is because it’s easier and less riskier to prevent entry than to root out later

No one ever said choosing a career in IT was going to be easy, but no one said it had to be so hard you’d be banging your head on the desk, either. One of the reasons IT practitioners end up with large, red welts on their foreheads is because data centres tend to become more, not less, complex and along with complexity comes operational risk. Security, performance, availability. These three inseparable issues often stem not from vulnerabilities or poorly written applications but merely from the complexity of data centre network architectures needed to support the varying needs of both the business and IT.

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“Big Data”: Competing through data [McKinsey Quarterly]

The data advantage

Most great revolutions in science are preceded by revolutions in measurement. We have had a revolution in measurement, over the past few years, that has allowed businesses to understand in much more detail what their customers are doing, what their processes are doing, what their employees are doing. That tremendous improvement in measurement is creating new opportunities to manage things differently.

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