The companies of the future should look to the natural world to learn how to adapt and thrive. | The Nature of Business

If YOU are intent upon leading your organisation through turbulent times by seizing an ‘informational advantage’, to create and maintain a competitive advantage, we, at Ontonix, cannot wait to hear from you. I sincerely hope that you heed these words of wisdom from Giles…

Due to a number of business drivers, companies need to make big changes – “redesign for resilience” – if they are to succeed in these volatile times, transforming to become more emergent, inter-connected, values-led, organic and inspired by nature.

via The companies of the future should look to the natural world to learn how to adapt and thrive. | The Nature of Business.

Of course there are any number of firms who will offer their services should the need for business ‘transformation’ be realised! They come in a wide variety of sizes, some with very big reputations and a charging structure to match! But only Ontonix can offer an objective, quantitative, means of measuring the resilience of an organisation, a ‘division’ or a business process. Try it on-line for free…


Dawning of the day of the contrarian: consumerism lies bleeding

The signs of a gathering momentum were there to be seen (for those prepared to look) even pre-crash and I am surprised that the pace had not, significantly, accelerated since 2008. I have long argued with the “price is king” lobby within my own industry that the flight to quality was inevitableimage (the pic on the left is taken from a presentation I did in 2005/6) and would spell an inglorious end for those whose “understanding” of delivering customer value extended to some glossy marketing literature, the “hard sell” with cover, service, satisfaction and reputation compromised to achieve a cheap price.

Not only have these firms come to believe their own marketing but, in the process they have contributed greatly to the decline of the industry that spawned them. Quite apart from the reputational damage, that an industry dealing in products that are a grudge purchase, can ill-afford there is a recognised fall in Professionalism (hence Aldermanbury Declaration) and the “dumbing down” of a generation of employees and customers. Read more of this post