Ontonix and Altair Engineering Sign Software Partnership Agreement.


Como, 7-th November, 2011. Ontonix and Altair Engineering (www.altair.com) sign a software partnership agreement to offer Ontonix software products through Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance platform. The HyperWorks Partner Alliance strives to provide the most comprehensive offering of software applications across multiple relevant domains related to Computer Aided Engineering. Through the HWPA, Ontonix will provide OntoNet, its complexity and robustness management engine, which alows engineers to measure the robustness and complexity of engineered products.
“High complexity is a prelude to inefficiency and vulnerability; therefore it becomes necessary to use a measure of product complexity as a design attribute. Technology developed by Ontonix allows engineers to conceive new solutions and designs while keeping complexity in the CAE loop from day one. Along with stresses, frequencies, or fatigue life, complexity can also become a design target,” says Dr. J. Marczyk, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Ontonix. “If CAE is to cope with the inevitable increase of product complexity, complexity must enter the CAE loop.
OntoNet also provides a unique measure of system robustness. Computation of robustness is based on data produced by Monte Carlo Simulation, Design of Experiments, Parametric/Sensitivity studies, or time-domain simulations, enabling engineers to exploit their expansive amounts of existing data to the fullest extent” he concluded.

Complexity CAN be managed…but only once it is measured

This article refers to complexity from an engineering perspective BUT, as the Ontonix “solutions” are model-free AND we already provide bespoke engineering products, the most significant aspect is the reference to COMPLEXITY AS A SYSTEM PROPERTY: Complexity demands a new mindset

We particularly liked this this quote:

“In a complex system, learning how all the pieces—constant and variable—interact gives a depth of understanding that averts catastrophe. That is what we mean by humancentred design—understanding the interfaces among technology, people, communities, governments, and nature. This is what makes complexity manageable”

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