Co-operative Financial Services send out a message

The Co-operative Bank doubled the number of current account customers switching to the bank following the launch of its current account incentive, which offers complimentary access to its Privilege and Privilege Premier Packaged Current Accounts for a 12-month period (sadly,  I understand that this offer has expired).

According to John Hughes, Business Leader, Retail Products “At The Co-operative Bank we’ve taken a real interest in our own current account switchers over the course of the year and recognise that switching current accounts can be a time consuming process.

More power to Co-operative Financial Services for showing their competitors THE way forward…for all of us, individually and collectively!

This piece is especially for those who believe that sustainability looks good in a mission statement but not on a balance sheet. CFS, U.K., which claims to be the world’s most sustainable bank, turned out stellar results in the first half of 2010, when others were still overcoming the crisis blues.

Is sustainability sustainable? Let me answer that by saying that our current unsustainable behaviour certainly isn’t. Going green is no longer optional for banks, nor a CSR footnote. More like a burning necessity.

via Green, the Colour of Future Banking.