Facilities Management: Sustainability + “intelligence” = Smart asset strategy

Think of a building as a system (or man-made ecosystem) that may be unable to function if one of its sub-systems fails.

Each sub-system is inter-connected, either physically, or by the purpose for which it was constructed or is occupied. At best, the loss of one sub-system can lead to a temporary partial or full closure. At worst it can cause unseen damage to another sub-system or systems.

So, if the overall system is reliant upon interdependent sub-systems: WHY are interdependent functions only measured independently?

”Imagine assessing the robustness of the electricity grid with data on power stations but not on the power lines connecting them”

Ontonix technology offers the solution. By, effectively measuring the complexity of the (eco)system, each interdependent sub-system and the evolving relationship amongst them. The result is an early warning system providing “crisis anticipation” that supports the old adage that “prevention is better than cure”…it is also much more resilient, sustainable and profitable!!!

Sustainability + “intelligence” = Smart asset strategy Take the smart technology associates with modern construction, facilities or asset management and then…. …add a “brain” in the form of a real-time (remote if necessary) complexity management system from Ontonix. Rents and Occupancy Higher for Green Office Buildings The real estate sector can play a significant role in a low-carbon economy. Not only do investments into more sustainable business practices and technologies benefit the environment an … Read More

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