Positioning your professional service firm:: offering the right value is key

If you are as smart as you think you are then you will understand that clients don’t just need more and better service, they demand it. The tools to provide it are widely available so, if you really care about them (and the income they provide you…in that order), then you will apply this simple logic your business!

Alternatively, don’t respond to your clients’ needs, carry on competing (without differentiating) on price and leave an existing competitor, or new entrant, to show you where you have gone wrong.

As choices go this shouldn’t be too difficult…but, apparently, it is. Duh!

It’s true that when value is increased you will gain a potential increase in fee-earning ability. However, it needs to be the appropriate value as not all your clients will be interested in what you have on offer. They will only be motivated to buy from you at a premium to the extent the value on offer gives them some return. So it’s important for you to offer value based on your clients requirements