The End Of Britain:: The downward slide has begun

Britain is about to be flattened by a tidal wave of debt. It doesn’t matter if you vote Conservative, Liberal, Labour, UKIP – or for no party at all. The facts are the facts.

Let’s take a look at some numbers…

Two and a half years ago, when the Coalition government formed, we were already in a huge amount of debt. In fact, the previous government had left the country sinking under £700 billion’s worth. Take a look at the following chart:


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Is the cult of celebrity being replaced by responsibility?

Here is a quote from a show that I have never seen! But it was brought to my attention by a good friend as we were discussing how “dumbed-down” British society has become.

It is ironic (sic) that David Cameron talked about British youth lacking a moral compass when he, his predecessors and other institutions that form the “elite” are the one’s who have shaped the nation:

Do we take it that they are now fearful of the monster that they have created?

They should be, because the sheer scale of their manipulation to satisfy their own greed for power and wealth has been exposed

Judge John Deed: [sentencing the producer of a TV game show after a contestant has died]

Celebrity. The pursuit of the talentless, by the mindless. It’s become a disease of the twenty-first century. It pollutes our society, and it diminishes all who seek it, and all who worship it. And you must bear some of the responsibility for foisting this empty nonsense onto a gullible public.

I keep declaring myself as a non-conspiracy theorist but I have long held the view that it cannot be coincidence that we tend to believe what we are told by authority figures and institutions EVEN when they have been totally discredited!

PERHAPS, now, things are changing. I hope I am not mistaken but I get the impression that people are now wakening up to the fact that celebrity is shallow, selfish, fleeting and relatively. The stuff of complete fantasy for most people. Dressing, acting or talking like your idol can make you look pretty sad and devoid of original thought. Fast food, ready meal, quick fix, instant credit: they rarely deliver lasting satisfaction or do so whilst extracting some other, less obvious, cost. Don’t just look at the glossy, appealing, exterior it looks like that for a reason!

Get real. Take responsibility for your actions and your life…they rarely doing anything that isn’t hugely beneficial for them and it is often done without any conscience of the impact it can have on your life. If change starts with you it can affect your family, impact a community and by working together the message that we can achieve so much more together will spread.    

Socio-economic lessons from nature: Interdependence NOT overdependence

Here is the “full” Nassim Taleb conversation, at The Royal Society with David Cameron – no need to give any extra kudos to the leader of the Conservative Party as a result of his “participation”.

Financial inter-connectedness, or globalisation, has become the economic form of the “planetary eco-system”, or environment. These systems, like the human body, are undeniably complex. It is true of any system that greater complexity equates to more functionality but each has their upper limit around which the “system” becomes unstable, unpredictable and difficult to manage. Beyond the point of “critical complexity” functionality is lost, sometimes rapidly…the system crashes.

It is true of our bodies, the global economy, the environment as it is of a business entity, its eco-system, IT systems, etc.

So, whether we are talking about the our “ personal systems”, or the individual in the context of any of the – interdependent – four pillars of a sustainable society: SOCIAL; CULTURAL; ECONOMIC; ENVIRONMENTAL, each system needs to be robust to be best able to cope with “the unforeseen.” Call it “randomness”, call it “black swan”, call it whatever you like! But “outliers” within data CANNOT be discounted in the manner that they have been by those involved in financial modelling, forecasting, etc. “Conventional wisdom” is no longer enough…

This is not, necessarily, news and elements of the argument are [and will continue to be] disputed…witness the disputed facts re globally warming, etc.

But the age old problem has been:

“HOW DO YOU MANAGE (something so complex) THAT YOU CAN’T MEASURE?”

That is why the QUANTITATIVE COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT solutions from (link: Ontonix srl) that I will shortly be rolling out in UK, are so exciting. NOW we can confidently state that, with the appropriate data:


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