Economic madness:: way to go Sir David Attenborough!

‎"Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a physically finite planet is either mad, or an economist."

-David Attenborough, 2011 speech to the RSA

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New Book:: ‘Governance Reimagined’ by David Koenig


Imagine, if you will, my surprise and delight when I received an email from David Koenig  (Author of the above title) inviting me to share thoughts on the subject matter of his book, from which this brief extract is taken!:

imageComplexity Economics is emerging…we will simply refer to their emerging way of thinking as Complexity. What makes the Complexity group unique is their focus on explaining and showing how value is created: how groups of things work in systems and how those systems interact to make more out of a scarce input like economic capital than existed before. It’s a blend of economics, psychology, biology, physics, and other sciences, and it is contributing to one of the most important developments in finance and economics, ever. You know already that our world is full of complicated systems. However, not all complicated systems are complex systems…”

This and David’s breakdown of the present value equation were enough to have me scrambling to respond to his request before I even got as far as reading an excellent, informed and insightful, 5* Review (click on the link for the full review).

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Trade-Off :: Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion [Dr David Korowicz]


I first came across the work of Dr David Korowicz a couple of years ago and was sufficiently enthused that I wrote this article: All you could ever want to know about why complexity is THE big deal

David described his paper, Tipping Point to me as “an attempt to describe globalised complexity in more popular form”. I said then that I thought it went, significantly beyond that!

So, you can imagine how honoured I was to be invited to preview his latest work:


Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: a study in global systemic collapse

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All you could ever want to know about why complexity is THE big deal

This video by David Korowicz [Complexity, Economy, Civilisation & Collapse] will answer the questions you may not have even thought to ask yourself (or others). His holistic perspective, born out of inter-disciplinary thinking tells you all you need to know about complexity, the folly of a “silo mentality” and the power of interdependence.

DK provides some superb illustrations including something as, apparently, simple as buying a loaf. At the other end of the scale he deals (briefly) with Thermodynamics and the “unseen” complexity of the Global Supply Chain driven by supply and demand. Complexity is the link. Read more of this post