Kodak:: NOT too big to fail…and not alone!

In the Digital Age, inter-connected “business systems” have transformed the business environment, at a pace that exposed the fragility of the institutional model: financial; political; religious; media.

A, morally and financially, corrupt “ME culture”, that spread, like a virus, ‘hidden’ in a high growth, high leverage, high DEBT banking model that, by disguising debt as credit, created addicts hooked on the illusion of prosperity whilst feeding the greed of its creators and exponential growth in financial and social inequality.

Self-similar [self-serving] hierarchical structures and unsustainable strategies.

A model, so unused to dealing with negative ‘feedback’, that its most successful exponents became highly skilled in the arts of ambiguity and manipulation. Accompanied by the inability to distinguish good from bad or fact from fiction, they unquestioningly executed strategies born of, obviously, flawed theories and, like joining Cosa Nostra, once you’re in getting out is a little tricky!

Such self-serving enterprises, lacking in meaningful two-way communication and unable, or willing, to discern noise from signals can ‘miss’ vital signs in their environment. The excessive complexity and close-coupled relationships, it has created to strip value from the system, impedes the ability to adapt at the pace of more ‘agile’ competitors.

Fragile in an uncertain economic environment; vulnerable to the impact of “minor” internal or external sudden – unforeseen NOT unforeseeable – changes.

These once mighty institutions are under increasing pressure from, innovative, client-centric “hub & spoke” business models; transparent; structured and aligned to aid the [non-linear] digital information-flow that underpins functionality, effectiveness and innovation.