Why Your Employees Don’t Care About Your Business Strategy

In my experience, most employees want to engage with their company by getting involved in strategy creation and execution – they really do care about the work of their company and they want it to be successful. The problem is there are just too many obstacles getting in the way.

How can business leaders increase employee engagement with their company’s business strategy?

(1) Ensure that employees have the opportunity, and are actually able, to participate in meaningful ways in the creation, execution, and management of your business strategy,

(2) Translate your business strategy into action via a strategy map and use it to tell your strategy story and engage employees further with your strategy and what it really means, and

(3) Use your strategy map to help employees see how their work contributes both directly (via business processes and strategic initiatives), and indirectly, to strategy execution success.      


In the end, it’s important to get your employees involved and engaged with your company and business strategy because, regardless of which business sector or industry you are in, high levels of employee engagement are good for your customers and stakeholders, your employees, and, ultimately, your business. 

via Why Your Employees Don’t Care About Your Business Strategy – SFO Blog – Helping You Build Your Company into a Strategy Focused Organization.