At the Intersection of Emotions and Intelligence: “If you’ve come to tell the truth, you’d better have a good horse outside the door”

I would love to claim this as my own work but that would be a pretty big and blatant lie! But I just HAD to share it because it MAY make some people think about the reality of life as a “sheep”!!!

If you hate what you do, don’t like what your employer, Government, Bank, Newspaper say, do or stand for but have spent years just “getting on with it” you aren’t doing anyone any favours. Not you, your family, co-workers, community or nation. You know what that’s why it has just got worse because too many people have just  taken it because it’s easier than challenging what is patently wrong…look where it has got you. Even if you are reasonably “secure”, are you happy with the compromises you have made (are making) and the fact that – if that illusion has been somewhat less secure since the global banking collapse – the true scale of collective inertia and apathy is yet to really impact you, those around you and those to follow after you??? Read more of this post

Survey: Business Leaders Are Surprised That Sustainability Actually Pays Off

There is little I can or need to add to this…other than please don’t let a flawed belief system damage your health and wealth or that of the rest of us!

…this sampling of average businesses is instructive on the thinking taking place in C-suites. “It’s clear that sustainability is no longer merely a matter of compliance,” said Bruno Berthon, managing director of Accenture Sustainability Services. Most corporate leaders know sustainability can pay off, but about a third still think it’s not important according to the survey.

via Survey: Business Leaders Are Surprised That Sustainability Actually Pays Off – Business – GOOD.

THE moral investment banker: A true story

I continually try to put original thought into what I produce in this blog but when I stumbled upon this lecture (Doing good by doing well: Re-defining moral capitalism) from a senior Banker I thought I must have lost my mind completely! A banker…spouting this “stuff” that I recognised and could even has written myself (or at least cobbled it together from previous blogs on the subject matter).Ken Costa

Ethics, morals and faith…what’s not to love about this guy!?

Professor Kenneth Costa is, amongst other things, the Chairman of Lazard International, the UK Investment Bank and Prof. of Commerce at Gresham College.

Another interesting article by Prof Costa appeared in Wall Street Journal, in December last year. It contains useful information for ANYONE who has any intention to assume the mantle of “leader”

For Leadership, Read Stewardship

Stewardship has three elements.

First, influence. The steward manages networks of resources and information to effect change. The steward may take the initiative, but it only works if influence is a two-way street.

Second, affluence. Good stewardship is rewarded by material affluence. With it comes moral affluence—a richness of spirit flowing from a constructive reciprocity between the present and the future, the leader and the followers, the self and the still, quiet voice of conscience.

Third, confluence. Leadership has to bring people together, not as a common-denominator consensus, but in a way that enables us to grow as people.

As usual I intended to only transcribe a portion to provide a flavour and leave you to your own devices but it flowed so well and made so much sense that I just kept going but please follow the link for the full version.

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Interdependence (updated from July 2009)

A segment of a social network

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It isn’t a sudden realisation that INSTITUTIONS are too interested in self preservation built upon structuring win/lose contracts. But it has become even more apparent as a result of relentless pursuit of the truth behind stories of abandonment of ethics within banks, other institutions and politics.

ME formula: mine – “self serving”


Historical (blind) faith in institutions, even pre-credit crunch, was being questioned and eroded. In current climate the exposure of institutional and political greed has only served to accelerate the process.

Independence in business is, to a fair extent, a falsehood! Every business needs customers. Business needs to SELL their products and services.

Quantity model

Customer silos


New formula, which is hybrid of “People – Planet – Profit” philosophy, has been aided or underpinned by web 2.0 capabilities that facilitate collaborations and innovation. Mass inclusion and contribution drives creation of win/win contracts and, with inclusion of social/community/planet considerations – win/win/win contracts. Read more of this post

TEN Practical rules for good business conduct

1. Establish your core business values and stick to them or else your reputation will suffer

2. Welfare and motivation of your staff are critical to your success

3.Remember that the owner-manager’s business behaviour will be taken as a role model by staff

4. If you need a partner in the business make sure that they share both your vision and values

5. Work at your relations with customers; they neither start nor stop when the sale is made

6. Don’t knock your competitors

7. Stick to your agreed terms of payment

8. Record all financial transactions in your books

9. Find at least one way of supporting the communities in which you operate

10. If you are doubtful about an ethical issue in your business, take advice

The above is taken from:
Priorities, Practice & Ethics in Small Firms by Laura Spence