Big Society: If it smells like BS…it probably is!

Call me a cynic if you like but things, literally, aren’t adding up and guess who’s going to end up paying AGAIN!?

“Big Society”: Just a stinking acronym…

The link to this article is shown below and it makes for some pretty staggering reading but I would also recommend the source “Duncan’s Economic Blog” tends to be a pretty informed read:

Change in debt by 2013 under Osborne's plansHere we can clearly see the impact of Osborne’s changes over the next three years: public debt down by £43bn BUT private household debt up by £245bn – five times as much.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. In today’s Financial Times one city economist notes that:

‘With real household disposable income set to fall this year through a combination of flat employment, negative real wages, tax rises and benefit payment cuts, the only way we are going to see spending grow in 2011 is if the savings ratio falls.’

Given the tax and benefit changes Osborne is presiding over, households have little choice but to borrow more to make ends meet. And that is how Osborne plans to drive down public debt: by increasing the household debt that helped cause the crisis in the first place.


via Far from cutting debt, Osborne’s plans will make it soar | Blog | False Economy.

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The UK government is duplicating efforts on Swiss accounts

I hate being taken for an idiot then treated like one again and again and again! But, I am a voter, have a brain and aWhich has more holes: UK Government policy or Swiss cheese? conscience. So I should be used to it by now I suppose.

Here is another example of the pathetic focus upon creating a "smokescreen" or taking credit for all the things that the Coalition liked about what the previous Government did and rubbishing the things that they now don’t…even when we were in favour at the time.

The mentality is all about "looking like they are doing the right things" in an attempt to convince people (particularly rating agencies) that they are serious about the task in hand…EVEN THOUGH FOCUS UPON SHORT TERM RESULTS WITHOUT DUE CONSIDERATION OF A WORTHWHILE AND SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY HAVE CONTRIBUTED GREATLY TO THE MESS WE ARE ALL IN…thanks to a lethal combination of – you guessed it – Politicians and Bankers!!!

In an effort to look tough on tax avoidance, the UK government is trumpeting the agreement that it has signed with Switzerland to begin negotiations to make Britons pay tax on their Swiss bank accounts. In reality, the EU Savings Tax Directive is already set up to do that, demonstrating that the government’s sabre-rattling offensive is populist and misguided.The declaration of intent between the UK and Switzerland to start negotiating on tax issues follows meetings between the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and the Swiss finance minister, Hans-Rudolf Merz. Formal negotiations are expected to start in early 2011.

However, the UK chancellor seems to have overlooked the fact that there is already an agreement that levies tax on all UK nationals\’ bank accounts in Switzerland. It is called the EU Savings Tax Directive and has been in place since July 1, 2005.

via Datamonitor Research Store – The British government is duplicating efforts on Swiss.