Understanding Complexity will make sense of so much that is evaporating..

…before your very eyes!

As I have declared before I am not a person normally given to viewing a glass as half empty but I am scared (and appalled) by the number of people who see the level of liquid in their glass, despite the rapidly melting ice* and vapour, as acceptable, simply  because the people who have, historically, managed the ambient temperature tell you that the thermostat isn’t broken. It’s just awaiting repair and should be sorted “quite soon”!

Ask about how, when or at what cost and you will find that a satisfactory answer is difficult to come by. Cast your mind back to other “maintenance issues” and you may see a pattern emerging. You may realise that the quality of management has deteriorated whilst their costs have risen. They may have been greedy and taken on too many maintenance and repair contracts but still enjoy the benefit of your trust.

Even when someone tells you and provides documentary evidence that they have been consistently  failing in their duties, lying to you (and others with whom they have contracts), falsifying records and much, much worse.

Look more closely and you will see that the liquid is evaporating. Lots of tiny “bubbles” rising, popping and cascading droplets beyond the rim of the glass from which you, your family, community, employees or co-workers have to drink to sustain yourselves.

At what point do YOU say enough is enough and take steps to ensure that you and yours aren’t deprived of the life-giving liquid???

If this little analogy doesn’t make much sense to you, then, you may be beyond salvation and X Factor may satisfy your thirst…for the time being!

If you want the truth the “system” is screwed. Your tolerance and “maintenance fees” are the only reality. Read more of this post

What next for the Sustainable Development Commission?

Sustainability chart

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On 22 July, Defra announced that it is to withdraw its funding for the Sustainable Development Commission from the end of the financial year.

Discussions are still taking place in the three Devolved Administrations to decide how the work of the SDC in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be taken forward.

However, Defra has indicated that it plans to mainstream sustainable development within Government.

» Read SDC Director Andrew Lee’s letter to all SDC stakeholders
» Read SDC Chair Will Day’s response to the announcement

UK Government’s progress towards sustainable operations saves £60-70m a year
The SDC’s fifth annual watchdog report reveals that, by running their operations more sustainably, Government Departments are saving money as well as reducing energy and water consumption, emissions and waste.

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