RM needs “unity (and purity) of purpose”:: [re]building the Tower of Babel

If you are wondering what I am babbling about (I understand the word is derived from the bible story) and aren’t familiar with the story here is a brief re-cap:

Genesis 11:1-9, The Tower of Babel – Story Summary:

Up until this point in the Bible, the whole world had one language – one common speech for all people. The people of the earth became skilled in construction and decided to build a city with a tower that would reach to heaven. By building the tower they wanted to make a name for themselves and also prevent their city from being scattered.

God came to see their city and the tower they were building. He perceived their intentions, and in His infinite wisdom, He knew this “stairway to heaven” would only lead the people away from God. He noted the powerful force within their unity of purpose. As a result, God confused their language, causing them to speak different languages so they would not understand each other. By doing this, God thwarted their plans. He also scattered the people of the city all over the face of the earth.

The pace of globalisation may have faltered as a result of the financial crisis but consumer appetites and technology have provided the common language and tools to ensure that we become, if not more connected, then more aware of the “invisible” networks that determine (whether we like it or not) that the future is OUR, SHARED, FUTURE.

Problem is, rather than (co)operate as interdependent components of [non-linear] systems, sub-systems and networks, that transcend borders, sectors, domains and scales, we STILL think in linear terms: within man-made “boundaries”, whether real, imagined or enforced.

We understand competition and are (all too) familiar with quotes, such as, “it’s a dog eat dog world” and “survival of the fittest”, that are trotted out by pop-philosophers intent upon corrupting the wisdom of others, for their own purposes…”greed ISN’T good!”

Greed brought us to where we are today and until people start to question and challenge the business-people who purvey these cancerous clichés as “motivational” WE will fail to grasp the critical nature of the mission we MUST undertake. The exchanges I highlighted in this recent article should serve to illustrate the extent of the dis-harmony amongst some serious heavyweights in an industry that, patently, understands competition more readily than it does, obsolescence!

The nature, and scale, of the problems are such that there should be little room for ambiguity of PURPOSE. But, instead of UNITY and progress, we find the type of undignified hair-splitting and in-fighting surrounding the LANGUAGE of one or other “code” or set of rules! Ironically, NEITHER “solution” possesses the requisite variety to begin to fully understand, let alone address, the problems.

Unsurprisingly, God’s work has stood the test of time and, for us mere mortals, there is a great deal more understanding, humility and co-operation required, just to close the gates of hell

Do you work in a “Corporate Death camp”?:: Prof Roger Steare on “Moral DNA”

One thing I have come to really appreciate about the “Corporate Philosopher’s” approach is his pursuit of the root cause of so many of the [Corporate] World’s ills. We can only really get reliable answers by establishing causality. That, albeit from a very different angle of attack, is what I attempt to do in business and what the technology developed by Dr Jacek Marczyk (Founder & CTO – “genius” according to this article) at Ontonix has facilitated with their model-free technology…but there is still a long way to go with spreading such understanding and insight!

But, if we are dealing with sources of systemic risk, that threaten the sustainability and resilience of ALL that we have come to rely upon, then this is a critical mission.

In the “risk society” we tend to get side-tracked, even bogged down, by the sheer volume of information that assaults our senses on a daily basis. Excessive complexity and the promotion of “flawed” correlations are allies of the leading exponents of the sick, prevailing, culture that the Prof. is intent upon “outing”. That is why TRANSPARENCY is such a threat to institutions or organisations that have cultivated and exploited an institutional mentality!!! Read more of this post

At the Intersection of Emotions and Intelligence: “If you’ve come to tell the truth, you’d better have a good horse outside the door”

I would love to claim this as my own work but that would be a pretty big and blatant lie! But I just HAD to share it because it MAY make some people think about the reality of life as a “sheep”!!!

If you hate what you do, don’t like what your employer, Government, Bank, Newspaper say, do or stand for but have spent years just “getting on with it” you aren’t doing anyone any favours. Not you, your family, co-workers, community or nation. You know what that’s why it has just got worse because too many people have just  taken it because it’s easier than challenging what is patently wrong…look where it has got you. Even if you are reasonably “secure”, are you happy with the compromises you have made (are making) and the fact that – if that illusion has been somewhat less secure since the global banking collapse – the true scale of collective inertia and apathy is yet to really impact you, those around you and those to follow after you??? Read more of this post

Value Networks: Part 1 – A simple introduction

Take a look at this graphic. It simplifies the basic message extremely well…wish I could have done it! It is from an excellent blog item: The Power of Non-Competitive Alliances although it only touches upon the benefits to be had by ALL STAKEHOLDERS.

Value network (competitive_scoring)

Of course we know…because we have been brought up with it…that competition is good.

But, wait a minute that sounds worryingly close to “Greed is good” and anyone who still believes this still has any validity is on the wrong blog!      Go download some porn or check your portfolio ‘cause you probably won’t get the the rest of this piece. Although I would recommend checking this item out: I saw you coming

Competition CAN be good but co-operation can deliver so much more to existing and prospective customers.

co-operation – sharing – interdependence – network

The obstacles to embracing the above have been cultural because that’s what many people (particularly in business) were programmed to believe. But there was also the small matter of the communication tools to provide an infrastructure for such a frame work.

Well, guess what! The obstacles are, all but, gone and the chance is here NOW for early adopters to be able to capitalise upon the opportunities that are available.

Networks of right-minded are set to become THE force for established models to reckon with. Look out for Value Networks: Part 2

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The case for “Complexity Analysis”: Blind faith, Greek philosophy and risk

Unless you have been living in a cave you WILL be aware that the global financial sector has FAILED. It is “shot”! The models upon which the largest institutions and corporations quantified risk are discredited as are the rating agencies who wield such power over entire nations.

No-one could have seen it coming. Right?

WRONG. ABOUT AS WRONG AS YOU COULD BE!!! The warnings were out there. Not from fortune-tellers, soothsayers, prophets of doom and mad men. They, like those that relied upon their own intuition, would probably been marginalised or dismissed. But when warnings came from economists and academics you would have thought that the stakes were sufficiently high, to, at least, listen to what they had to say. NOPE. The most popular course was to ridicule what has since been shown to be the “inconvenient truth”. Read more of this post