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As supply chain risks rise up the agenda for businesses, there is clearly an opportunity for insurers to step in with up-to-the-minute solutions that respond to new challenges. Dequae believes while the risks have changed, “the insurance solutions have not really adapted to the changes in the supply chains”. She points, in particular, to the need for innovation when it comes to “more coverage and capacity”, as well as broader conditions and “coverage at acceptable prices”.

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I have become used to some of my more “critical” comments not making it past moderators who are overly-sensitive to the potential for political repercussions.  So here it is:

supply_chain_diagramAnyone who has given the subject matter some thought knows, broadly, what the problems are. Some even know of available solutions. But NONE have acted to seize the competitive advantage that “embedding” solutions as part of their proposition! Read more of this post

Verdantix Forecasts Rapid Expansion of Global Sustainable Business Market

I can’t get enough of positive stories about firms wakening up to the need for and benefits of Strategies for Sustainability:

Over the next two years, the global sustainable business market will reach a tipping point, triggering rapid market expansion, according to new research from Verdantix.

After analyzing spending patterns of more than 2,500 global firms, Verdantix found that growth rates of investment in sustainable business programs will be between 50 percent and 100 percent higher in 2013 than in 2011. As a result, total spend on sustainable business programs by $1bn revenues firms in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US markets alone will hit $60 billion in 2013.

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Complexity CAN be managed…but only once it is measured

This article refers to complexity from an engineering perspective BUT, as the Ontonix “solutions” are model-free AND we already provide bespoke engineering products, the most significant aspect is the reference to COMPLEXITY AS A SYSTEM PROPERTY: Complexity demands a new mindset

We particularly liked this this quote:

“In a complex system, learning how all the pieces—constant and variable—interact gives a depth of understanding that averts catastrophe. That is what we mean by humancentred design—understanding the interfaces among technology, people, communities, governments, and nature. This is what makes complexity manageable”

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