[Ontonix] Coping With Turbulence: More Theories and Math?

…math is often used to model things that cannot be modeled (in the sense that the results such models produce are mathematically correct but totally irrelevant). Risk, and especially the consequences of risk, are something that math is unable to embrace. This is because risk lacks a definition, a metric (standard deviation is NOT a measure of risk) and, most importantly, because it is a reflection of subjective human sentiments as to the potential level of regret after some hazardous circumstance has actually materialized. Now how do you measure that?

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Benoit Mandelbrot: A fitting tribute from “Edge”

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“Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles,
and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.”

1924 — 2010

Long Beach, CA, February, 2010

To remember and to honor Benoit Mandelbrot,Edgeis pleased to present several pieces:

A remembrance on behalf of the Edge communityby Dimitar Sasselov;

Response to the 2005 EdgeQuestion,“What Do You Believe Is True Even Though You Cannot Prove It?”

“A Theory of Roughness: A Talk with Benoit Mandelbrot”, anEdge feature which previously ran on December 20, 2004

Response to theEdge-Serpentine Gallery collaboration“Formulae For The 21St Century: What Is Your Formula? Your Equation? Your Algorithm?”

Photograph: Budapest, 2003. “Benoit’s Dangerous Life”: A report on the photograph by George Dyson

“The Father of Long Tails”, a 2008 interview conducted in Paris by the Swiss art curator and Edgecollaborator Hans Ulrich Obrist, currently the Curator of the Serpentine Gallery in London.

Photograph: With John Brockman, Cambridge, Massachusetts, December 29, 2010

BENOIT MANDELBROT, who died on October 14th, was Sterling Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Yale University and IBM Fellow Emeritus (Physics) at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. His books includeThe Fractal Geometry of Nature; Fractals and Scaling in Finance; and (with Richard L. Hudson)The (mis)Behavior of Markets.

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