UPDATED: facing facts – “creative destruction” or life in the post-critical landscape?

I make no apologies for re-blogging this item in the HOPE that someone (anyone!) heeds the warning signs. Unless I am very much mistaken it is the legal responsibility of company directors to plot and steer a safe course for their “charges”…and I wouldn’t count upon the same leniency as has been enjoyed within the, elite, Political and Financial classes.

So, it is time for “Business Leaders” to make their mark and to set themselves apart from mere guardians of the status quo. 

Recognise the characteristics of modernity and rectify the mistakes now, if you have any intention of being part of the solution. Alternatively, do nothing, apologise and pay an unknown price for your contribution to economic turbulence and uncertainty that are symptomatic of a pre-critical environment fashioned by/for the most self-serving: PLEASE!    

Getting the complexity message across to people who don’t want to know or understand is really tough.

But it may comes as a surprise to some (outwith the industry) that it is incredibly difficult to introduce new, better, more reliable and comprehensive means of managing risk to Financial Services companies…even though it would, significantly, improve their bottom-line – enabling them to improve their customer proposition!


SO, in the circumstances, you may understand why I rarely trouble anyone for their thoughts on “peak oil”, how we can best prepare for a post critical society, how we survive and re-build society. Read more of this post

Revisiting The Limits to Complexity: micro managing your way to macro collapse…

…without losing office or wealth!

PLEASE do yourself a favour and read the full article and ask yourself IF there is any basis to trust in Political and Financial institutions when THEIR agenda(s) have ensured that the handling of the financial crisis has fuelled “civil protest” and, may yet, lead to widespread unrest. By recapitalising the architects of financial collapse Governments and Regulators have allowed them to, further, profit from the economic turmoil they created and for which the weakest in society will continue to pay a heavy price for many years to come.

The graphics are my own. They have embedded links, I hope they help!

"…these same banks were also allowed to securitize many of the underlying loans, sell them off to various institutional investors and market derivative instruments to those clients who wished to gain exposure to the global sub-prime mortgage bonanza. When the greatest financial ponzi scheme known to man eventually collapsed in 2007-08 and it was clear that the global economy faced an imminent depression, governments worldwide decided to "respond".What this response amounted to was an attempt to maintain economic and financial complexity by adding on layer after layer of ever-more complex structures, and suspending/manipulating any measure of reality that was in the least bit accurate.

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