The Benefits of Network Mapping


Having an accurate depiction of your network is a fundamental prerequisite to being able to successfully handle system management, troubleshooting and growth. With the advent of network mapping tools, this process has become more simplified.At the dawn of computer networking, interconnected systems were often contained to a building, if not a single room. But today’s corporate networks span cities, countries, and the globe.

This complexity has made network management an increasingly difficult task.

We couldn’t agree more BUT, whilst such techniques may map the network, they do not measure how robust that network [system] is.

Ontonix have the ability to provide this type of capability on an ongoing basis, in real-time, to monitor the interactions and how robust or fragile the system is.

Essentially, by analysing and assessing the operational effectiveness of the system,  the current level and upper limit of complexity within the system are provided. This serves as a means of early warning for the system owner or operator – “crisis anticipation

Our technology is model-free so is not limited to providing such insight in relation to IT networks. Please feel free to visit our website – – for case studies and a host of additional information.

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Measuring and managing complexity

Web SEO experts and marketers predict IMMINENT rise in complexity

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Amongst other things, far too “specialised” for me to get my head around I came across this interesting question and conclusions from the: Search Insider Summit Round Table

One thing I DO know is that web marketers and search agencies are best placed to know how internet developments will “play out”. They don’t tend to hang about when it comes to finding solutions BUT this question was posed for the consideration of the “Search Engines/ Portals/ Resellers Round Table”

Q – Are we becoming too Complex for our own good?

  1. Complexity will be 10x more complex in two years then it is today.  Both Software and Hardware are evolving at similar paces.  So complexity will be greater, but ability to cope with keep up.  Require a lot of “reframing”.
  2. Service Providers will have to fill the void by added value to help decipher the complexity.
  3. Hiring Experts – be it user agents, bots or service providers will likely become even more pronounced.  New opportunities and solutions will emerge to solve the new level of complexities.

I am happy to leave you to ponder the question and the “10x more complex” assertion but please don’t restrict your thoughts merely to this domain. If you need a helping hand you may wish to view some/all of the following previous items:

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