Presentation: what stage in the cycle do YOU think we are at?

I know what I think and I reckon and, had it not been for the unimaginable amounts of money created out of thin air by Governments, we would already be travelling the road to recovery in the new landscape!

I am no financial or banking expert but I really don’t believe one need be if embracing some ‘Systems Thinking‘. Of course, I would love to hear some reasoned arguments for and against my viewpoint. I hope you enjoy the presentation.

Here is some further “food for thought”

“In finance it’s often been survival of the fattest rather than the fittest”

Andy Haldane, Bank of England

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Biology of Business: Complex Adaptive Systems

People who “understand” or, at least, have studied Chaos, Complexity, Systems or Information Theories will continue to argue for many years about the finer points of each. Good luck with that!

At Ontonix we refer to “Complex Systems” rather than the, more familiar, “Complex Adaptive System” moniker. We simply don’t see the need, a complex system is…a complex system. Through our work we have established some complexity facts (follow the link) and, rather than indulge in a debate about differences in interpretation, we wanted to give you access to that information whilst sharing a superb presentation on the subject. 

Business and society have become used to complexity without actually really considering what it is and the impact it has. We NEED to improve our understanding and Sharon’s presentation does a splendid job of bringing clarity and simplicity. ENJOY!

If you are hungry for more knowledge and are prepared to delve deeper here is another excellent presentation from Noah Raford…a man involved in so many projects, initiatives and heaps of other things he cannot sleep!