It’s a fuzzy old world!


I like this picture. It reminds me of Spirograph from when I was a kid. It’s pretty complex too but still nowhere near conveying the sheer complexity of a “typical” complex business system…even a relatively small one!

“Why not?” I hear you cry. Well, let me attempt to, briefly, explain.

Visualise each red dot as an activity or process undertaken within the business or, indeed, as a series of key participants in the company’s supply chain. Look at all the interconnections

Even when a business decision is pretty clear cut, from the assessment of the known facts – quantitative and qualitative – and the outcome is yes or no, that doesn’t tell us about how much, when, who, what else is affected by the decision or to what extent..

This can be (is in scientific circles!) described as fuzziness. Too many potential outcomes to even begin to calculate. Read more of this post

Ingredients for a new recipe to satisfy SME’s & Professions

29% of SME bosses admit to keeping inadequate checks on their company finances due to competing pressures on their time but the picture is likely to be worse than this, with detailed balance sheets and profit and loss forecasts only being reviewed every 18 weeks, on average.  In addition, managers are failing to perform basic due diligence on customers and suppliers; 65% don’t credit check new customers, whilst 76% don’t check existing customers requesting to extend their credit terms.  30% have no formal contract at all with their business customers.

via SME’s Ignore Business Basics At Their Peril | SME Business News.

This is an alarming but not entirely surprising piece. We all know that SME leaders, by definition, are a determined (often proud) bunch whose core skills have led them to pursue their own path. Great. BUT, what this article highlights is that SME’s need help and not the type that is more about the satisfying the demands of greedy [leveraged] growth models, much-loved by Financial institutions or intermediaries infected by a similar “disease”! These organisations do not have enough money to buy what they crave most…TRUST. For the price they would have to pay is TRANSPARENCY and that is a price that they simply cannot afford. Read more of this post

On-line complexity self-rating: Recorded OntoNet™ webinar & presentation

Complexity IS a pretty abstract concept to most people BUT that does not mean that it can be ignored. Nor does it mean that it is, therefore, hugely expensive to deal with.

Unfortunately it does mean that it can be very difficult to get the message across without confusing, boring or intimidating the listener!

In fairness we fully understand that there aren’t too many business people who readily accept that WE can tell THEM much more about the health of their business by analysing the type of financial data that they (or their Accountant) regularly use to measure its performance. But, in truth, that is the very least that we do.

Our focus is not upon WHAT the business has achieved in the last period and to use previous periods (or competitors) the yardstick.

We…and we are sure that MOST business people, given the option…want to know HOW the business has achieved its results. WHERE it is working well, HOW financially robust its structure is and areas that give “cause for concern”.

Enough from me! Please take the time to view the webinar and listen to my colleagues explain in more detail just what it is that we can do to help, even the smallest, companies.

This webinar was about …

As an executive you are always overloaded with information. If there were only 3 things you could keep on the top of your mind at any given point of time, what would they be?

In a marketplace of increasing complexity, how about knowing exactly how sustainable your business is today? We don’t mean “knowing” in a warm, fuzzy sense, but actual, hard numbers that tell you how robust your business is.

Secondly, how about also knowing which factors in your business need immediate attention to ensure/improve the sustainability of your business?

Finally, how about also knowing the complexity of your business, your industry and your competition?

Is YOUR business

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