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So often in today’s business and social paradigm, we perceive the world as parts, as mechanical, as inputs and outputs, linear chains and hierarchies; whereas life is actually about networks and interconnecting relationships.

The Nature of Business

The network has been recognised as the basic pattern of organisation in all living systems.

Ecosystems in nature are essentially networks of organisms.  As Fritjof Capra points out, organisms themselves are networks of cells, and cells networks of molecules. An ecosystem is a flexible, responsive, ever-fluctuating network. Its flexibility is a consequence of multiple dynamic sense-and-respond feedback loops that keep the system in a state of dynamic balance. No single variable is max­imised; all variables fluctuate in concert around a collective optimum.

Ecosystems in human nature are essentially networks of communication, social networks of relationships and business ecosystems of partnerships.

People are empowered by being connected to the network, where the success of the whole community depends on the success of each member and vice versa.  Empowerment of individuals empowers the network; likewise empowerment of the community empowers the individuals.

So often in today’s business and social paradigm, we perceive…

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