UPDATED: facing facts – “creative destruction” or life in the post-critical landscape?

I make no apologies for re-blogging this item in the HOPE that someone (anyone!) heeds the warning signs. Unless I am very much mistaken it is the legal responsibility of company directors to plot and steer a safe course for their “charges”…and I wouldn’t count upon the same leniency as has been enjoyed within the, elite, Political and Financial classes.

So, it is time for “Business Leaders” to make their mark and to set themselves apart from mere guardians of the status quo. 

Recognise the characteristics of modernity and rectify the mistakes now, if you have any intention of being part of the solution. Alternatively, do nothing, apologise and pay an unknown price for your contribution to economic turbulence and uncertainty that are symptomatic of a pre-critical environment fashioned by/for the most self-serving: PLEASE!    

Getting the complexity message across to people who don’t want to know or understand is really tough.

But it may comes as a surprise to some (outwith the industry) that it is incredibly difficult to introduce new, better, more reliable and comprehensive means of managing risk to Financial Services companies…even though it would, significantly, improve their bottom-line – enabling them to improve their customer proposition!


SO, in the circumstances, you may understand why I rarely trouble anyone for their thoughts on “peak oil”, how we can best prepare for a post critical society, how we survive and re-build society. Read more of this post

If you think "ruling elites" are a fantasy…think again

Now I am not suggesting that the US is representative of the rest of the world but I would certainly be curious to know how the UK picture looks! According to Michael Moore circa 400 families in America have more money than the other 300 million!

Hopefully, the “apathy” that allowed this situation to develop is a thing of the past. We were all too busy buying into the consumerist myth of “financial independence” (that was really the DEPENDENCE that fuelled individual (ego) and institutional greed)  So, unless “the 99%”, quickly, rediscover the power of INTERDEPENDENCE and utilise the communication tools at our disposal, life in the post-critical society i.e. after the next financial collapse, will make austerity measures look positively appealing! Read more of this post