The link between procrastination and complexity

neural network failure

Image by onkel_wart via Flickr

Before you read these extracts or go to the full article PLEASE consider this. If complexity is created to facilitate problem-solving we educate (add complexity) to our brain to deal with the tasks that confront us on a daily basis as we go about our lives or in the workplace.

  • We train our body to manage tasks requiring physical exertion
  • We develop our business system to add functionality and create competitive advantage
  • We expand our social and business groups to enrich our lives – and to resolve “bigger” problems together INTERDEPENDENTLY
  • We add to our IT network and computer memory to ensure there is adequate speed and capacity, etc.

I’m sure you get the picture.

What happens when the system, to which we add this problem-solving complexity, reaches the point of “critical complexity” (upper limit), or, as a result of some exogenous or endogenous force, is impaired? Read more of this post