SMEs entering 2012 with mixed emotion – AXA Commercial Lines

This is particularly bad news for “a nation of shopkeepers” and a damning indictment of the strategies adopted by insurers and brokers alike!

Instead of incentivising and rewarding a culture of loss prevention, which serves EVERYONE well, the insurance industry sold themselves and their customers short in its indecent haste to satisfy their own, short term, financial goals. And the insurance industry “knows” about tail risk!!!

Who actually benefits from buying “risk protection”? Please take a look at some of the “related articles” below and consider whether businessno-trust-300x225 owners who have access to unprecedented amounts of information on a wide range of “risk” subjects are, generally, more “stupid” or just particularly poorly served and advised!?

“When it comes to the fortunes of the UK’s SMEs, there is a more complex picture out there than the headlines would lead us to believe. It’s not all doom and gloom for sure. However there is a real need for valuable advice when it comes to risk management given the fact that, when asked to identify key risks facing their business, nearly a quarter of UK SMEs (23%) couldn’t name a single one. I find this quite staggering. In my view it means that brokers have a major role to play in helping their clients to both understand the risks their businesses face during these difficult times as well as manage them.”

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Ontonix:: the why, what and how of on-line rating


No surprise that “complexity isn’t simple”! But, whilst WE, at Ontonix, can’t change that, we are determined to simplify the process of gaining unprecedented insight into the, otherwise hidden, structure within system data.

Our Mission is to contribute to (re)building resilient economies and that is a job that wont be done “top down” but from the “inside out” [i2o].

We have created an accessible, cost-effective, means of business owners and leaders to begin the process of transformation to less complex, more resilient, enterprises.

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Euro 2011: the “tipping point”

Time is NOT on our side!

Despite the urgency, Europe’s leaders still cannot decide upon the best course of action since all of the available options have potentially serious side effects on the economy and financial system at a time when Europe is already headed for a recession, if it is not already in one.  EU industrial production for October was down 2% while Germany’s ZEW (confidence index) has entered deep recessionary territory.  The leading indicators for Italy and France have also dropped to levels indicating recessions in the past.  Austerity unaccompanied by national monetary policy and the ability to devalue can only exacerbate this negative trend.

The problems appear to be spreading to the rest of the globe as well.  Both Indian and Brazilian industrial production is weakening while their leading indexes are pointing down.  Korean industrial production has been flat all year.  Notably, the developing nations’ economies are heavily export-driven, and Europe is an important customer for their goods, although there are undoubtedly country-specific factors at work as well.

Business Insider

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Euro 2011: the “game” was done in 1st Quarter but deep in the 4th the lights are going out!

Risk rating on internet

The following graphic represents our [Ontonix] rating of the entire European Union (comprising 27 countries, each described via 24 macro-economic parameters) and which we analyse every quarter (results from Q1 2011 analysis). For a more in depth analysis of feedback loops within networks the full article can be found here:

Reality is Made of Loops But All We See Is Straight Lines

A 1 star rating, in a 5 star stratification, tells anyone, pretty well, all they would need to know about the subject being rated!

Unlike the Rating Agencies our rating does not come in the form of an, over-priced, “opinion” that, on the bases of numerous failures in the recent past, are worth very little: if you received such inaccurate opinions from a Doctor or Surgeon they would have been the subject of numerous Medical Malpractice lawsuits and be struck off long before now. Their incompetence would tend to affect only one person at a time NOT tens of millions over generations!!! Read more of this post

Rating Agencies Fail

Glad to see that the Rating Agencies are (yet again) in the headlines for all the “right” reasons…of course this is only my “opinion”!

Politics has still not realized the mistake that was made: Adopting that mindset. For the trader in his hyper-competitive market, his psychopathic behaviour makes perfect sense. For a society, it is pure cancer. As one German entertainer put it nicely:

I’d like to know if she [german chancellor Merkel] has a market-compliant democracy in mind. And if so, I’d like to know if she’s also thought about a democracy-compliant market.

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