The companies of the future should look to the natural world to learn how to adapt and thrive. | The Nature of Business

If YOU are intent upon leading your organisation through turbulent times by seizing an ‘informational advantage’, to create and maintain a competitive advantage, we, at Ontonix, cannot wait to hear from you. I sincerely hope that you heed these words of wisdom from Giles…

Due to a number of business drivers, companies need to make big changes – “redesign for resilience” – if they are to succeed in these volatile times, transforming to become more emergent, inter-connected, values-led, organic and inspired by nature.

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Of course there are any number of firms who will offer their services should the need for business ‘transformation’ be realised! They come in a wide variety of sizes, some with very big reputations and a charging structure to match! But only Ontonix can offer an objective, quantitative, means of measuring the resilience of an organisation, a ‘division’ or a business process. Try it on-line for free…


Adaptive Process versus The Sourcerer’s Apprentice

“Adaptive processes are therefore not about being chaotic, creative, un-structured or non-compliant but about using the real-world dynamics of work to create a process that fulfills all goals, follows all compliance rules and can change at the drop of a hat to be better NEXT TIME.”

When Hiscox talk about credibility others should listen

This is a topic that I have been going on about for AGES and I could have (but didn’t) write the article I have included below. I have oft quoted the Annual Edelman Trust Barometer. But, as Annabel reiterates, the industry’s understanding of their own marketplace is so poor that they would rather SPEND on telling you that they care rather than INVESTING to demonstrate it: RHETORIC WILL NOT RESTORE TRUST, for it does not facilitate transparency!!!

If ever you wanted evidence that an industry doesn’t listen to those that fund it, this is it. Insurers and brokers clearly understand competition and their prevailing model but struggle with the concept of how to move to a new (better) model that is fit for the Digital Age and future financial landscape. One that offers demonstrable customer value: NOT ambiguous strategies, unsustainable pricing and unjustified commission levels.

“It is easier to understand that you face competition than obsolescence”

CHANGE WILL HAPPEN. Business systems that, for whatever reason, fail to adapt to a rapidly changing environment are extremely vulnerable. Those that aren’t embracing and benefiting from meaningful two-way interaction across their business ecosystem, will make it easier for new models to gain the foothold they need to, initially, survive and to thrive in the coming years.


The Bright Marketing Manifesto:: 23 cardinal ‘rules’ of marketing

Even if you reckon you already know about marketing a well-timed reminder never did anyone any harm…and I’ll bet it has been a while since YOU sacked any customers!

In 2007 Robert Craven published his book ‘Bright Marketing’, which focus on giving the reader straightforward advice on how to improve marketing methods. Using a number of practical how-to tools you will be able to improve the way your marketing operates and ensure that your message gets heard by the right people.

via The Bright Marketing Manifesto – The Directors’ Centre Business Club.

Positioning your professional service firm:: offering the right value is key

If you are as smart as you think you are then you will understand that clients don’t just need more and better service, they demand it. The tools to provide it are widely available so, if you really care about them (and the income they provide you…in that order), then you will apply this simple logic your business!

Alternatively, don’t respond to your clients’ needs, carry on competing (without differentiating) on price and leave an existing competitor, or new entrant, to show you where you have gone wrong.

As choices go this shouldn’t be too difficult…but, apparently, it is. Duh!

It’s true that when value is increased you will gain a potential increase in fee-earning ability. However, it needs to be the appropriate value as not all your clients will be interested in what you have on offer. They will only be motivated to buy from you at a premium to the extent the value on offer gives them some return. So it’s important for you to offer value based on your clients requirements