Bob Dylan and the evolving role of Social Business in the redistribution of “absolute power”

Complexity to casualtyYou can’t fail to have noticed the sorry demise of some major High Street brands in recent years. It’s true that a lot of the “tales of woe” are as a result of the, immediate impact, of the global financial crisis but that is only part of the story. Because, there have probably been more casualties, large and small, as a result of the far-reaching “aftershocks” and resultant recession. Read more of this post

The Comfort Consumer Trend in Financial Services: Trust and Safety

Datamonitor are  “flogging” a new report so these words are theirs and (in this instance at least) not mine!

I have been banging on about the need for FS companies to realise the error of their  ways and to “open up” so that they can really engage with customers using, in particular, social media. But the obstacle that refuses to go away is the need to embrace TRANSPARENCY!

Is their a more damning indictment of the state of our FS industry? Well YES…it is contained in the “HIGHLIGHTS” section below I have highlighted again so no-one within the industry can claim that they didn’t realise!

OK so you can win, even retain customers on price but that isn’t sufficient to sustain profitable retention levels when your price rises…even if others are also on the increase. Inertia has, for long enough, been a reliable source for retention too but these are times of austerity and it is a very foolish few who merely accept what they are told.

Then there is that old favourite of banks and credit card issuers…”indebtedness”. These guys love it because it is cheaper than earning loyalty through offering fair deals and decent service but, what they should now realise is that these unlucky customers won’t be around for too long. They either cannot afford their debts and you both lose (after you have taken a “haircut”).

You could “win” by getting back what you are owed BUT lose a customer for life…as well as the custom of anyone who asks them about their experience of dealing with your company. People’s practical experience will always trump the outbound sales effort of a spotty youth or a glossy campaign declaring undying love for customers. See below: REMEMBER THEY DON’T TRUST YOU OR LIKE YOU AND YOUR MARKET WILL DISAPPEAR AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY OR SIGN OF CREDIBLE COMPETITION.

Consumers in the FS industry look for protection and reassurance from their providers in order to feel a sense of safety. The loss of trust as a result of the global downturn has left consumers feeling uncertain. Trust needs to be rebuilt, not only to offer consumers financial safety but also to increase consumer engagement and build better relationships with customers.

Features and benefits

  • Strengthen customer relationships by driving an increase in consumer engagement.
  • Demonstrate customer knowledge via an understanding of how the Comfort trend can be used to rebuild trust on a regional level.
  • Satisfy consumer demands through understanding consumers’ need for protection and reassurance.
  • Restore trust by learning how to demonstrate real concern for consumers and the safety of their finances.


The highest demand for Comfort is seen in Brazil and South Africa where 78% of consumers demand this Megatrend. The demand for this trend is low in most of Europe where consumers badly affected by the downturn no longer trust their FS providers to protect them.

Will insurers adopt tools for NOW to minimise risk tomorrow?

Why are insurers ignoring the facts?

Why are they still trying to predict the future using incomplete data, assumptions and flawed models?

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Web SEO experts and marketers predict IMMINENT rise in complexity

Partial map of the Internet based on the Janua...

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Amongst other things, far too “specialised” for me to get my head around I came across this interesting question and conclusions from the: Search Insider Summit Round Table

One thing I DO know is that web marketers and search agencies are best placed to know how internet developments will “play out”. They don’t tend to hang about when it comes to finding solutions BUT this question was posed for the consideration of the “Search Engines/ Portals/ Resellers Round Table”

Q – Are we becoming too Complex for our own good?

  1. Complexity will be 10x more complex in two years then it is today.  Both Software and Hardware are evolving at similar paces.  So complexity will be greater, but ability to cope with keep up.  Require a lot of “reframing”.
  2. Service Providers will have to fill the void by added value to help decipher the complexity.
  3. Hiring Experts – be it user agents, bots or service providers will likely become even more pronounced.  New opportunities and solutions will emerge to solve the new level of complexities.

I am happy to leave you to ponder the question and the “10x more complex” assertion but please don’t restrict your thoughts merely to this domain. If you need a helping hand you may wish to view some/all of the following previous items:

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Chose your future: Get “Fit for randomness”

OK so I confess that I have read and thought long and hard about all the Mayan, Nostradamus, North American Indian, planetary alignment, etc. end of the world in 2012 stuff and I have got to say that it doesn’t surprise me that there are plenty of people “buying into it” on the back of the current state of the global economy.

This video is an example of what some would present as “evidence” that ancient prophecies will be fulfilled. I, for one, am far from convinced. Although, as the video illustrates, we ARE living in extremely turbulent times and there is a distinct possibility that, UNTIL SUCH TIME AS WE MAKE SOME FUNDAMENTAL CULTURAL CHANGES, this could be the new norm!

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to be a “glass half empty” kinda guy and I do believe that WE have choices to make. BIG choices!

You need to ask yourself if you are the type of person that has retained the ability to stand up and be counted? OR do you sit back watching TV and have a good old moan about the: lack of leadership on environmental issues; mans inhumanity to man; incompetence of government; greed of business; the moral corruption and unfairness of society; abuses of trust within institutions; religious persecution, etc.

Waken up and smell the coffee! Major changes are needed but unlike previous paradigm shifts the POWER to shape the changes lies WITH YOU to let your voice be heard beyond your local area, country or continent. The tools are available to you in your home and at your fingertips 24/7.

If you don’t believe that those in positions of power are not representing you or your points of view fairly LET THEM KNOW. Share your points of view discuss them and DON’T just run with the pack or stick with the norm because there is one thing for absolute sure….

…there is a stack of HARD EVIDENCE that says:

it is not a safe place to be

it’s not even a comfortable place to be

it certainly isn’t a fun place to be

Help me get my “Fit for randomness” manifesto published by voting at:

"I don’t want to survive—I want to live!"

"I don’t want to survive—I want to live!" --Captain B. McCrea (Wall-E)

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