Complexity: Global, Major & Specialist Consultancy perspectives

In numerous posts over the last 2 years I have made reference (and provided links) to reports “on Complexity” from some of the best known Management Consultancy firms on the planet. Some people have told me that this may not be the best idea as it opens up the opportunity for prospective clients to “take” what they can from the Ontonix understanding of the subject and then go off to work with another firm!

Put simply, I am grateful to other, such prominent firms for raising the awareness and for adding to the weight of evidence for C-level understanding and action. Complexity is a source of risk that, unmanaged adds to uncertainty so threatens the stability and resilience of our global economy. Addressing these issues is “Our Mission”. I have decided to make available what I have accumulated on the subject. This is not an exhaustive list (so if you have any information to add I would appreciate it) and I cannot guarantee that these papers are representative of the current stance of each of the firms – quite frankly keeping up to date with our own developments is hard enough! – so I would always recommend that IF any of these papers make more sense of have more appeal (I would be surprised) than what Ontonix have to offer I suggest you visit their website or contact them directly.




EIU Economist Intelligence Unit  – on behalf of RBS


AT Kearney

Celerant Consulting

Simplicity Partnership Global Simplicity Index 2011

Capco (Commerzbank)

One consistent theme is that “Complexity” is, well…complex! So, WE try to make it as simple, accessible and cost effective as possible to gain (otherwise hidden) insight into the structure of a business from the data that it generates.

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