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OntoMed launches OntoCare™, a software system which quantifies the impact of therapy based on complexity analysis of patient’s pre and post-therapy data. "In the case of  Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy  via ICD implant for example, OntoCare™ allows us to express in quantitative terms the degree of success of therapy based on pre and post implant ECG analysis" said Dr. J. Marczyk, OntoMed’s founder and CEO. OntoCare™ can be used to measure the degree of patient response to other forms of treatment, such as surgery, and provides in an easily understandable graphical form a breakdown into components of the impact  on the patient’s post-therapy state.

What is Complexity
Complexity is a natural and holistic property of every system. It is defined as a mix of structure (connectivity) and uncertainty. Just like energy, complexity is a fundamental and intrinsic property of all dynamical systems: the economy, the society, the internet, the environment, traffic systems, etc. The human body is no exception. Today, complexity can be measured and turned into a powerful diagnostic and decision-making tool.

How it Works
Complexity can be measured if data is available. A good example is the stream of data recorded in an ICU (Intensive care Unit) or during ECG or EEG tests. Even images, such as MRI or US scans can be processed to measure their complexity. In the presence of traumas, organ malfunctions/failure or even treatment, the complexity of the human body changes. The magnitude of these changes is proportional to the intensity of trauma and provides a measure of the patient’s global stability. Based on this concept, we are able to issue pre-alarms in an ICU or during surgery.

Model-free technology
An important feature of our technology is that the collected data is processed to a model–free technique. This means that the measure of stability of the patient is not flawed by any particular mathematical approach. Once defined, a model is condemned to deliver only what has been hard-wired into it.  This is why the adoption of a particular math model automatically influences the conclusions one will derive from the underlying data. In other words, models can distort the information given data contains.

Why Complexity?
Because modern science lacks a holistic perspective favouring super-specialization, a patient is rarely seen and treated as multi-organ dynamic system of systems. Due to this cultural limitation and because of the overwhelming complexity of the human body, only on very rare occasions is medical science quantitative. Our mission is to deliver a technology which will provide the medical community with quantitative and holistic information on the state of a patient, as well as on the impact of treatment.

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OntoMed is a spin-off from Ontonix. Created in mid-2009, the company has the mission of delivering complexity concepts and technology to the medical community.

White Paper: Cardiology and Complexity (CRT)

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