Ontonix spin-off OenSys Launches OntoView Visual Monitoring System

Novi, MI, USA. 22nd December, 2010. Oensys, US-based engineering-focused Ontonix spin-off, announces the launch of OntoView™,  a novel  complexity-based real-time visual monitoring system. OntoView™ has been developed jointly by Oensys and  Beijing-based Soyotec and has been built specifically for traffic monitoring. "The revolutionary aspect of OntoView™ is that it doesn’t analyse images based on conventional image-processing techniques. Instead, it emulates the way the brain perceives images, by measuring image complexity and deducing from it the intensity of the phenomenon under observation. A natural application of OntoView™ is city or motorway traffic, whereby the instantaneous traffic intensity and “stability” are deduced from complexity and plotted in real-time", said Dr. J. Marczyk, the CTO of Oensys.

OntoView™ is available on MS Windows platforms and functions with webcams or IP cameras. Download Data Sheet here.

For additional information on OenSys and its services, visit http://www.oensys.com or write to us at info@oensys.com.