Avoiding the Employment legislation “trapdoor”

With ever increasing employment legislation and the current economic climate many employers are facing challenges that they have never had to manage before.

As you would expect some employers, particularly smaller companies, are faced with managing redundancies for the first time. Making staff redundant is a difficult and potentially expensive process and as a result many employers are seeing an increase in unfair dismissal and discrimination claims after failing to follow the correct redundancy procedures.

Helpline usage – ‘all time high’

Over the course of the last six months our Employer Helpline, which is available to all Markel ELP Policyholders and manned by specialist employment solicitors Beachcroft LLP, has been inundated with calls. Unsurprisingly 31% of the callers were seeking assistance in relation to redundancy matters. 

Summary of Employer Helpline Calls

Surveying the economic horizon: A conversation with Robert Shiller

In this video interactive, economist Robert Shiller discusses four aspects of the current crisis: regulating for financial innovation, reducing trust in models, redesigning institutions, and the time line for turnaround. His perspectives are informed in part through his research that psychology—particularly an understanding of human irrationality—can play a key role in explaining economic breakdowns and exploring effective solutions…The noted economist explains and explores the downturn’s root causes—and possible ways forward 


Looking behind the curtain: If you like a good conspiracy theory…

…you will just LOVE this! It’s got US Govt., Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros, AIG, etc. I read it and thought this is gonna be some movie. However, there is a missing ingredient that I just can’t put my finger on. Perhaps you would help. Is it?:
A) Jason Bourne
B) James Bond
C) Lex Luther
D) Harry Potter
Also, if anyone knows of a hollowed-out volcano (ideally South Pacific location) and/or house-trained animal to be pampered in return for infrequent menacing glimpses please let me know.
However, the fact that I am framing this in such a tongue-in-check manner does not necessarily mean that I am writing-off the contents! In truth it is rather hard to believe that more was not known about what was happening within these major institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. I have long been of the opinion that weak willed and self-serving politicians were more likely to be accountable to major global institutions than vice versa. Light touch indeed

A 5-step Process for Business Transformation and…

…Organisational Stabilty
I thought this was quite an interesting (and succinct) piece. Kind of "back to basics" and like so much of the best advice you can give or receive it is really common sense that isn’t shrouded in so much of the spin that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. 

How are you positioned to capitalise…

If you thought that social media was all about a different generation spending too much time online talking to their friends you are, already, VERY wrong and are missing out on a very cost effective means of promoting you, your business, products and services to prospective customers, partners, suppliers and staff! 


Social Media: How are you positioned to capitalise upon technology in the changing business landscape?


  • Do you know for a fact where your customers are in the social web?
  • Do you know for a fact what spaces are important to your customers?
  • Do you know for a fact what your customer’s issues are?
  • Do you have a technique to really LISTEN to your customers?
  • Do you know for a fact where your partners are within the social web?
  • Do you have a strategy for "socialising" with your partners?
  • Do you know for a fact where your brand is?
  • Do you trust that your brand is well reflected in the market?
  • Do you know for a fact what people say about your competitors?
  • Do you know for a fact how you stand up to competition?
  • Do you have an idea how your competitors are using the social web?

If you don’t know the answers, ask yourself what value would it have to your competitors?


If you don’t know the answers we will be able to help!


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