KPMG: Yet another warning about the impact of complexity…


Here is an insightful (but not terribly useful) quote from the report:

It is not the nature of the complexity that a company faces that will determine its success; it is the extent to which the company can analyse the problem, identify the most effective way to address it, and then implement appropriate action. In doing so, the challenges of complexity can be turned into opportunities for growth.

There is no definition, no suggestion how to identify or measure complexity but the overall message is clear…DO IT AND REAP THE REWARDS… DON’T and continue to pay the price!


There can be no doubt that this is a major issue for modern business and not just for the large Corporations and institutions BUT, KPMG, like their counterparts, do not provide the means for ANY BUSINESS, from SME upwards to tackle the issues that have been, correctly, identified. We, at Ontonix, can and would be delighted to assist…

Rate a business (OntoNet)

Our Mission is clearly stated and we are more than happy to provide a clear, measurable, definition of complexity as well as an abundance of “complexity facts” and, of course, a range of cost effective solutions!

If you want to read the full report it can be found, on-line, by following this link: Confronting Complexity

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