Complex Systems: Business Risk Management

How often do we challenge what we “know” to ensure that our particular “belief system” is based upon the most up-to-date knowledge? Too many of us (I know for I have seen plenty!) are content to get on and do rather than to question and to propose alternative processes or solutions.

This is even more in evidence during the kind of tough times that we are all currently experiencing. The larger the organisation the more likely that questions could and should be asked. But it can be difficult to get a good enough view from your own particular “silo” AND the greater the pressure to keep your head down to just get on and do. Is this why interdependence – working, together, toward the common goal – struggles to survive in such environments?

In some organisations people can go through their entire careers without gaining a better perspective. Those that do, can soar within the company but the fear of being treated like some kind of heretic, insurgent or whistle-blower can stifle initiative and progress, thus perpetuating belief systems that may have been superseded. In “more open” organisations the ability to create, measure, manage and adapt is fundamental.

Operational interdependence IS NO LONGER intangible. Here is an extract and link to a recent Ontonix blog. Please read it and question your individual or business belief system!

What are intangibles? Is it is possible to actually measure them? How can you possibly measure something that cannot be grasped or touched and does not have a physical presence.

The most “popular” intangibles of interest are, for example, know-how, relationships, expertise, knowledge, morale, ethics, justice, collaboration, intellectual capital, etc. Human perceptions and feelings are also intangible but our lives hinge on how we deal with, for example, fear, love, anger, happiness, jealousy, greed, stress, beauty, satisfaction, desire, etc., etc.

If you can’t measure something you can’t really manage it. All you can do is simply “deal with it”. Management implies control and that, in turn, requires a measure. Science gets serious when you begin to measure.

via Ontonix – Complex Systems Management, Business Risk Management.

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